Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Simple Jelly Roll Cushions

One of my favourite blogs is the hugely popular Very Berry Handmade.

Ever since Ali posted her Liberty Wallflower Cushion Tutorial back in April I've been meaning to give it a go and over the summer I finally got round to it.

Two of the cushion covers on my sofa had been looking decidedly worse for wear. With this in mind, last year I bought a "Jelly Roll" from eBay consisting of a mishmash of fabric in gorgeous berry colours and I had been keeping a eye out for the right pattern.

The "Wallflower Cushion" uses rectangles that are 6" x 3.25" but in order to use my jelly roll I made mine 6" x 2.5".

Using his pattern you sew each row of blocks directly onto the wadding and backing fabric, plus there are no seams to match so it comes together really quickly.

A quick envelope back using neutral linen and a contrasting stripe.


Voila!  Two spruced up cushions.

Thank you Ali!


  1. Neat one Jill, lovely colours, and a super finish!

  2. Lovely cushions, Jill! The colours are lush. I love Ali's blog too, such a talented lady!

  3. Lovely cushions...the fabrics look like Liberty ones too.

  4. They are really pretty cushions and such a good way to utilise a jelly roll. Di x

  5. I love the name of your blog LOL! I find myself always stitching nocturnally. . . . . Thanks for following me at hungryhippie, I'm following your lovely blog now as well-nice to meet you! :D


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