Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Kaffe Fassett is coming to Ely

I'm super excited! Kaffe Fassett is coming to little ole Ely.

We are incredibly lucky in Ely to have a fantastic independent book shop called Topping & Company. Its one of a pair; the other one being in Bath.

As well as it being a proper old-fashioned book shop it also hosts author events and readings, some of which are held in the majestic setting of Ely Cathedral. In the last couple of years I've attended events featuring Terry Pratchett, Dawn French and Nigella Lawson all in strolling distance of my own home.

I spotted a few weeks ago that Kaffe Fassett is descending on the Bath branch of Topping on 18th April in association with "Bath In Fashion 2013". But, disappointingly there was no mention of a corresponding event on the Ely list. Sniff.

I expressed my disappointment and yesterday I received a message from Topping and Company kindly letting me know Kaffe will be visiting Ely on 25th June to give a lecture on "Glorious Colour" at St Peter's Church, and talking about his new book Shots and Stripes.

How happy am I?


  1. Very happy, I reckon! What an opportunity. Di x

  2. Fantastic. Is Ely to far to come I wonder. Have you seen his exhibition in London. ? It's brilliant.


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