Wednesday, 27 March 2013

It's all gone hopping mad....

....well at least the weather has!

The spring birdies from my last post have frostbitten feet!

This week I've been cracking on with a geometric make for Le Challenge. It's been more fiddly than I thought. I've just a few more blocks to piece before I can put together the quilt top and show you a peak.

So in the absence of any new Easter creations I'm posting some pics of previous spring makes.
One of the benefits of being new to blogging is that they are new to you even if they are just old favourites to me.

Let me introduce you to Harriet; my Easter Hare. Most of my animal makes are created for my daughter or nieces, but this one is ALL MINE!

She's made from a Laura Ashley upholstery remnant picked up from a car boot sale. Most of it got used as a part of a patchwork squares picnic blanket, but there was enough left for Harriet. Her ears are edged with florist wire so she has a wide range of expressions!

She's well loved in this household; her arrival on the windowsill spells the imminent arrival of Chocolate eggs!

Next, meet my spring chicken, made using a Mellymade Designs pattern

She's weighted with pebbles in the base so she's a sturdy lady, rather like me!

Common Habitat:   the fireside hearth.
Migratory pattern:  centre stage for Easter. (Yes I know, chickens don't migrate!)

Mellymade Designs is the creative work of a talented local lady; Melanie Missin. I attended 'quilting' classes with Mel when I first started out and her passion was instrumental in getting me hooked on stitching. Recently she has added workshops at Sew Much To Do to her teaching programme.

To round off my Easter themed posting, here's one of my first ventures into appliqué. The shapes were kept simple and it's all a bit "twee", but it was a great project to hone my skills.

Happy Easter to all. x

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  1. I like all your Easter makes and you put me to shame as I have none! Harriet is a very stylish hare. Di x


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