Saturday, 9 March 2013

A day out at the Spring Quilt Festival.

This weekend it was the Spring Quilt Festival at Duxford Imperial War Museum (IWM). It was the second time Duxford IWM has been the venue for this event. The first time was last autumn when it served as a late venue replacement following a fire at the regular venue of Chilford Hall. Personally, I preferred the attractive setting and the eating facilities at Chilford. But Duxford is is bigger, airier, and, on this second-time of hosting, had a more structured layout and wider aisles.

The usual suspects of exhibitors were in attendance. After four visits I've concluded it doesn't seem to vary a great deal from show to show. However, there are always plenty of new fabrics and puzzling gadgets to catch your eye.

At every show I'm simply amazed and humbled by the quilt displays. If photography were permitted I would share my favourites with you. One pairing in particular sticks in my mind for all the right reasons - A monochromatic landscape of Fenland Norfolk, using both pigment and thread, with it's negative image alongside. Stunning and a little bit eerie.

So, after almost four hours of flitting between various stands, breathtaking quilt displays, and of course the pop-up cafe, I limped (ok, drove) home with a sore back and achy feet.

I was very restrained in my shopping, just as well because I was parked so far away I'd have needed a strapping porter had I purchased my usual amounts. But there's a pleasing idea for the suggestion box!

First, some very cute beach house linen, for which I have plans for a beach bag with a waterproof lining. 

A trio of Moda (I think!) FQs in fresh lemon and aqua. They were a 'just because' purchase due to the fact they made me feel like spring is on it's way.

A few bits of equipment.

Some quilting gloves and a specialised Curved Corner Cutter from Creative Grids for me.

A retractable froggy tape measure (every sewing box needs one - honest!) and some Pom Pom Looms for my daughter.

All displayed here on some Scandi-style fabric I'm adding to my Christmas stash. It's never too early!

 Finally, there was one further purchase. A little something for my poorly friend at home nursing flu and hence missed out on coming.
But she's a fellow blogger and follower so I can't reveal here!


  1. I agree about the trade stands. Some of the monochromic hangings were stunning. Di x

    1. It would be nice to see some fresh blood in the mix wouldn't it? But I dare say I'll be there again for the autumn show even if just for the quilt displays. Do you go to any other shows Di? I'm thinking of going to the NEC for the first time this summer. X

  2. Hi I was wondering where you bought the beach house linen. If you could please let me know that would be greatly appreciated! I really like your blog, your ideas are fantastic!



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