Sunday, 16 June 2013

We're all mad here....

The birthday girl has deemed that Mummy should be "The Mad Hatter" next weekend because I'm "already mad".

Can't really argue with the that!

My outfit is pretty much sorted but I needed a little something round the neck.

So rummage, rummage in the sewing drawers.............

I rediscovered some lace I bought a while back in a upholstery "job-lot" off ebay.

A left over cream pendant from a previous bunting make.

A packet of "Dress it up" novelty button with a sewing room theme that have been waiting for the right project.

A few other assorted buttons including a giant orange one.

Plus, a couple of cute teapot charms.


 A bit of a close up.


Should tie in nicely with my Johnny Depp-esque orange wig and hat.

Finally, a few co-ordinating buttons sewn onto the waistcoat I'm wearing.

Job done!


  1. You really are fabulously organised for this birthday party! Loving the progress so far. I hope you'll show us a picture of you all dressed up.

  2. You so better post a photo of yourself in this get up! Di x


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