Monday, 15 July 2013

FQR 2013 It's almost here!

It's nearly time to head down to the Big Smoke for Fat Quarterly Retreat 2013.  I'm feeling a good balance of excitement with a pinch of nerves.

I've finally got round to writing a post to join in with the linky party right here.

I'm Jill and I'll be travelling and co-habiting with my partners in crime Sarah and Anna. You will find us swanning around at Millennium Baileys - courtesy of a really good offer a few months ago.

I've always enjoyed artistic pursuits but I didn't pick up a needle for anything more than a forced button repair until January 2011 when I was searching for a new addiction. I go through phases where I sew all the time, followed by weeks where I barely glance in the direction of my piles of fabric, baskets and books that are gradually taking over the so called dining room. My main problem is cutting into my favourtie fabrics and not just hanging on to them for the elusive perfect project. Use the good stuff everyone!!

This blog was born in February this year. I'd been thinking about it for a while and liked the idea of having a shared record of my "makes". The final push was realising how many people attending the retreat were already part of the blogging world.
After a very keen start, my posting frequency has slowed down to a more manageable rate. I quickly discovered the more I posted the less time I had to actually make things to post about!
But, I'm really enjoying being more integrated in the crafty community and I get super excited whenever someone comments on one of my posts, (hint, hint).

My workshops at the retreat are:

Crochet with Laura Taylor
Improv with Lu Summers
Trapunto with Ruth Singer
Precision Piecing with Lynne Goldsworthy (I need all the help I can get!)

Here are my workshop goodies ready to pack. I'd love to claim the lovely pouch at the back is one of mine but it's purchased from the very lovely and talented Ali over at Very Berry Handmade - I couldn't resist.

Here's a close up!

I'm also taking part in the name tag swap. This is my first swap and it seemed like a ideal way to "dip my toe in".  My creation was somewhat amateur but Katy @ The Littlest Thistle has been very kind.

My name tag isn't here yet but that just adds to the building anticipation..........

As well as learning new skills and improving existing, I'm looking forward to putting faces to names and generally having a good ole time!

Come and say hi and I'll give you one of these (to use for a coaster!!)


  1. I get to meet you at last! Woo Hoo. Di x

  2. Love the pouch you got from Ali! I'll see you in Lu's class and hope to get one of your lovely 'coasters' then ;-)

  3. Lynn's class was really good, wasn't it?

    Lovely weekend, and a very good time in all!

  4. PS, this may or, ( more likely not) be helpful, just do not allow anonymous comments, that may help with the spam..

    I know I have been 'viewed' by spam, ( my daughter identified it- I suddenly got 279 views, for no apparent reason) but not had trouble with spam since I did this.

    Good luck

  5. It was good to meet you Jill :) (aka, the other leftie who couldn't get the 'crochet thing' lol! Hope you had a fun weekend, xo


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