Monday, 14 October 2013

To Bee or not to Bee?

One of the things I've noticed whilst journeying around the Sewing Blogosphere is how much fun everyone in Online Sewing Bees seem to have.

Me thinks: I have to get me some of that!

It seems the perfect way to develop your skills, try out new techniques and work with fabrics you might not usually select for yourself.

Add into the mix developing new friendships within the sewing community and it's difficult to find a reason not to jump right in.

I've been following the lovely and talented Di over at Willowbeck Designs for a while and I was fortunate to meet her face to face at the Fat Quarterly Retreat this summer.
Di is Mama Bee and one of the founding members of an Online Sewing Bee known as the hipBees.

The hipBees have recently completed their first year and I was very flattered, though somewhat nervous, to be invited to join them for their second year. How cool is that? And not just because I get a sparkly new button for my side bar!

Rules vary from Bee to Bee, but in the hipBees the general premise is the Queen Bee in charge of the month provides the fabric and instructions for each hive member to make two 12.5" blocks.
The blocks can range from straightforward to complex - so essentially anything goes.


Sarah who blogs at Sew Me (check out her blog she's amazing!) was kind to us Worker Bee's and kicked things off with this concentric block design.

I breathed a sigh of relief as the design was well within my "comfort zone".  Off I went, merrily cutting, stitching and pressing; enjoying the freedom to pick our own fabric combinations from the mini stash provided.


Skipping ahead.............  the moral of this story is don't get cocky. I made a novice error and underestimated the amount of fabric required for the final concentric round. My block would have ended up 12" not 12.5" hence the "two side" finish.


After consultation with the supremely kind and understanding Queen Bee, one of my blocks was returned partially finished, to be completed back at base - hangs head in shame.

Here's the block finished off by Queen Bee Sarah so there is a happy ending!

Note to self: Must slow down and focus or become the first hipBee to be thrown out - "Wink"

Next up: OCTOBER - should Queen Bee Renne be worried?


  1. No shame allowed! Your blocks are great and fabric calculation is tricky for the sender and for the stitcher when working with what arrives in a parcel. Hope you enjoyed your initiation, it wasn't meant to cause you angst! Glad to have you with us.

  2. This is a learning curve. From all sides. It is not always easy to do the math, and as Sarah is super lovely, no harm done! so no problem, and if a similar thing happens for any of us later- we shall smile and cope, I trust!

    No, Reene has no need to worry, you are more than capable.


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