Sunday, 4 August 2013

All zipped up!

First up, I made a wee pin cushion after Katy's blog pointed me in the direction of her quick and easy make over at Nel Whatmore's blog.

Yes, I know it's aimed at kiddies, but I'm basically a big kid so I qualify! I have to say it also took me a bit longer than 10 minutes - that was taken up threading my needle!

I used some of the London fabric we got in our fab goodie bags at the Fat Quarterly Retreat (FQR) courtesy of Makower UK

Quick, satisfying and already in use.

Next up, the postman delivery my copy of Improv by Lucie Summers that I pre ordered at....yes you guessed it .....the FQR.

This book does not disappoint and the dedication makes its all the more treasured.

Spurred on by the book delivery I  turned my mini Improv sample, that debuted in my last post, into a cushion cover.
I have to keep explaining to my six year old that the circle is meant to be wonky.

I'm pretty chuffed because it was my first zip insertion. Previously I have used envelope backs on my cushion covers so I thought it was time to progress.

I roughly followed this handy tutorial over at Make It and Love It.

I'm ashamed to say it took me ages as I had to work out feet and functionality previously unused on my machine. But hey! It works! So I can put a small tick next to zips.

I was impatient to finish and used the only zip I had in the house, a navy one, which again was from the bottomless FQR goodie bag. However,  in hindsight, I should have waited and bought one in a neutral/blending colour. Live and learn hey?

I'm now off to see if I can find a kitchen sink or James McAvoy at the bottom of my goodie bag.

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